How to Grow Vegetables & Herbs?

The difference between vegetables and herbs is the way they are eaten. Most vegetable plants produce a growth which can be chopped or eaten whole and consumed as part of your dinner. Herbs are consumed as part of your cuisine, but they normally just grow as plants do with flowering or bulbs and they are used strictly to enhance the flavors of food. Most would not be acceptable to consume as part of a meal to sustain your calories.

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how to grow vegetables & herbs?

1. Find the ideal plot for your vegetable and herb garden, one that gets at minimum about six hours of sunlight each day. Pick an area that does not receive shade from your house …more

what is the difference between a vegetable and a herb?

It is to do with the way they are used – the terms vegetable and herb are not botanical classifications – more culinary terms. Herbs are the leaves of aromatic plants (be it a rosemary…more

what is the difference between an herb and a vegetable?

A vegetable is food group, and herbs are used to seasoned food….more

what herbs & vegetables to grow in winter?

A variety of herbs can be grown indoors in winter. Growing herbs indoors during winter is an easy way to extend the gardening season. It helps to be aware of the amount of sunlight …more