Difference between Thick and Thin Skin?

One of the differences between thick skin and thin skin are their location. Generally, thick skin can be found in the soles of the feet, on the palms of the hand, and the dermis while the rest of the body has thin skin. Thin skin also differs with thick skin because thick skin has hairs while thick skin doesn’t.




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What are the differences in structures of thick and thin skin?

Thick skin ( contains five layers: startum basala, spinosum, granulosum, lucidum and corneum) It has prominent stratum corneum and well- developed stratum granulosum. In addition …more

How does thin skin differ for thick skin?

If u have lot of hair (like your scalp) it is THIN skin. Thick skin is found in palms and soles where it is exposed to lot of pressure hence no hair follicles….more

what is the difference between thick and thin skin?

The terms thick and thin refer to the thickness of the epidermis. Most of the body is covered by thin skin, which is 0.003 inches (0.08 millimeters) thick. This skin contains hair…more

Why does thin skin differs from thick skin?

Thick skin can protect certain parts of the body but get in the way of normal funcion in other parts. That’s why we have different skin thicknesses on our body….more