Difference between Pulmonary and Systemic Circuits?

The amount of blood displaced by each one is one of the differences between pulmonary and systemic circuits. They location of each is also another difference. This is one of the most essential things in the structure of the heart.




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What is the difference between the pulmonary and systemic circuit?

Pulmonary circulation goes from the heart to the lungs only whereas systemic circulation is from the heart around to the rest of the body….more

how is the pulmonary circuit different from the systemic circuit?

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What is the role of the pulmonary circuit in the circulatory system?

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Why does the pulmonary circuit operate at a lower pressure than the systemic circuit?

Because the pulmonary circuit only pumps blood to the lungs and back to oxygenate it before it is sent round the rest of the body. The Systemic circuit must pump the blood everywhere…more